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  Community Center "Jordan Dragnev"

Cultural Center "Jordan Dragnev" Krushari, Bulgaria was founded in 1894 and named after the first teacher in the village.
Community Center "Jordan Dragnev"

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Center "Jordan Dragnev" - Krushari, Bulgaria is included in the initiative "Ayde of horoto" (Come to the dance) on May 15, 2009 under No. 1.
Request for donation was signed by Zlatka Andonova - Chairman.
Contact Petranka Krasteva - Secretary.

Donated CDs of folk music are:
1. CD Balkanfolk'98 - Bulgarian folk dances
2. CD Balkanfolk 2000 - Bulgarian folk dances
3. CD Balkanfolk 2003 - Bulgarian folk dances
4. CD Balkanfolk 2007 - Bulgarian folk
5. CD "Pii momche vino" - Vocal Group Zornitsa
Фолклорна танцова панорама 2018
Фолклорна танцова
панорама 2018

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